Art is something I have always had a passion for. At the very start of my making career I held an intense interest in collage and printmaking, and was applying both of these techniques to my pictoral study of my home town Herne Bay. My work up until recently, has always been about Herne Bay, as I find it an attractive starting point for any project, as I always want to celebrate and reminisce in it's post war glory.

As an artist my interests lay in several different processes. From printmaking, to photography, to drawing to assemblage. I always try and explore all of the different avenues of the tools that are available to me, this way I can always express, in some way or another, exactly the point I am trying to make. And this is what I like about my work, when I finally arrive at an outcome I feel suitably satisfied in what I have produced and in what material they are represented in.

My work lays somewhere between nostalgia and an interest in the human condition. Exploring memories and romanticism about different places and people. All through the different techniques I employ.

My art as it stands at the moment, shows an interest in conspiracy, mysticism and all things 'Top Secret'. The work is questioning of what people believe in, and of information that they deem important to their continuation of existence. It is a nostalgic catalogue of the 'larger than life' tales and mishaps of the late 20th century. Bringing to light the events that have been laying under our noses this whole time.

The times, they are changing.