My project is going seriously well at the moment, I've been able to realise and materialise a lot of ideas. From the pictures I hope you can gather that I've been heavily interested in conspiracy, mysticism and generally all things TOP SECRET.
I've also been playing around with a lot of different materials as well. I've been using wax a lot, which is something that I've become a bit obsessed with, I think this stems from the reading and looking of a lot of Joseph Beuys work.
As previously mentioned, I'm into all things top secret, which in my mind has manifested itself in the form of these keys. The international symbol for locking things away that you don't want anyone to see. The collection of keys themselves relate back to my overwhelming desire of collecting stupid things. But alas they have found themselves useful.
The army soldiers were actually a present from someone I used to work with, but that's not important. The things is with these soldiers, to me they represent what is right at the heart of probably every major conspiracy...the military (or army WTF).
Everyone conspiracy theory, every tale and every picture I've researched throughout this project so far has somehow related back to the fact that the army are a secretive bunch of wankers, probably spraying us all with chemicals from the sky.
I will let you know when some more stuff materialises.