'Outsider Art is the work produced outside the mainstream of modern western art by self-taught, untrained visionaries, spirtiualists, eccentric recluses, folk artists, psychiatric patients, criminals and others beyond the imposed margins of society and the art market.'

So, I've been making what I consider to be 'Outsider Art' recently. Low budget, low quality, but with loads of charm and fun. Fun in an art sense is not heard alot. It's been thrown around the studio alot these past couple of days, people not wanting to take their art too seriously, and I feel I'm not either.
My projects moving in the same way it was last year, collecting, making, compilling, organising, its all very non-descript at the moment. But I had a tutorial with this rad guy (who also happens to be an artist) Shezad Dawood.
He's helped me put label on all of this nonsense...and thats exaclty what is...nonsense. Why do I have to put a label on it? Streams of consciousness, organisation, fanzines...awesome.