'Back of the Mind, Tip of the Tongue'.

Me and my friends took part in an exhibition recently. We took over a small section, but it felt good. The exhibition was called 'Back of the mind, tip of the tongue', I think you take your own meaning from that? I did whatever i wanted for it really. A photoframe filled with found/altered image, polaroid and a couple of other photographs.
Me Griff and Rachel each 'customised' a plank of wood.
Paul and his friend Barney executed something brilliant.
Me and Griff challenged ideas of ownership by first finishing our friend Rachels painting, then I thought it would be interesting to see how I felt if he signed one of my paintings. All in all a good show. It got a bit dry towards the end though, so me and Griff 'took' some beers and got wasted and played loads of Spider Solitaire.