Found Objects.

Current project update:

I was in a bit of a rut about my current project. Until I had a tutorial with the fantastic Raine Smith. I've been collecting objects, some found, some bought. And they were just sat there in the studio doing nothing at all. So me and Mr Smith were discussing ways in which we could utilise them, and make them work for me. We came up with the idea of applying a set of 'rules' or a 'system' to a particular group of objects. For example, I would display a certain group of objects in the studio with the rule '10 objects I found in the street' or even '10 objects people gave to me'. This means that the objects would be on rotation every 1 to 2 days?
Another idea was to attach my own narrative and meaning to the objects. Using the device of a postal tags to attach to the objects.
I'm pretty excited about it, although I did forget to buy postal tags today!